Weekly recycling is coming to Brent!

Recycling in Brent has risen massively under Labour. Now we will collect it from you every week.

I’m hoping the rate continues to rise. I’m also a bit annoyed at watching my recycling overflow every week whilst my grey bins and garden waste have plenty of empty space. Time enough, I think.

This is great for environmental sustainability. It also has other big benefits. A weekly collection subsidised by garden waste charges will save Brent Council hundreds of thousands of pounds which we cannot justify spending on landfill for waste whilst the Tories and Lib Dems in Westminster continue to plunder the money which before would have gone to our residents. In an ideal world we would be charging for landfill waste instead, but this is a statutory responsibility so what we have is a pretty balanced policy.

To ameliorate the impact that green waste charging could have, we will also:

– subsidise less well off residents if they still need these collections
– introduce composting facilities for those who want them
– encourage bin sharing so that charges can be shared. Many residences only produce small amounts of green waste and it is right that they have a way to lower their charges.

This is green, efficient, and workable – whilst saving money that can reduce the severity of cuts for the vulnerable.

It will apply from April and cost £40. To put that in perspective, a survey of other boroughs highlighted a range of charges for garden waste service from £35 to £75 per year. Richmond and Bromley both charge £60 per year.

The food waste recycling service will be available for all street-level properties.

Councillor Keith Perrin, Lead Member for the Environment at Brent Council, said:

“The introduction of weekly dry recycling and food waste collections is great news for households and is part of our commitment to reducing the amount of household waste that is sent to landfill. The less we send to landfill as a borough the less the council has to pay in landfill taxes which ultimately are paid by all council tax payers. Composting is an excellent way of reducing the amount of waste going to landfill.

“In the past food waste has ended up in landfill and I’m sure the new weekly food waste collection will encourage residents to recycle more.

“These borough wide improvements have been enabled by the introduction of a charge for those residents who wish to have their garden waste collected by the council. Other authorities charge a higher rate for this service. In Brent, at a cost of less than 80 pence per week, it’s less than the cost of a sliced bread. However there are alternatives available – the Council subsidises composting equipment and the recycling centre at Abbey Road is free to use for borough residents”.

Residents will be notified in plenty of time before the service begins explaining how the new service will work and how they can pay for the garden waste collection service. You will also have the opportunity to opt out if you are not interested – great for people in flats and many converted shared houses.


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