Monthly Archives: August 2014

Fly-tipping report

Fly-tipping is a major problem in Willesden Green. I’m going to share links to some of those that I report using the Cleaner Brent app.

Here is one from outside the Walm Lane alley Рa persistent source of problems.

Walm lane

We are investigating some sticking plaster solutions to the problem in this particular road. The Town Team have also been in touch with the owner to investigate some longer term solutions. In my view it would be really good if we were somehow able to levy a charge on owners of private land that is persistently used for dumping. The issue is that what takes place on their land is their problem, but often not one that they care about very much.

I would be keen to hear any ideas that residents have, so please let me know.

We must oppose anti-Semitism: letter to the Brent & Kilburn Times

I have just submitted this letter. Let’s see if it gets published.


The actions of Israel’s government over recent weeks has been appalling, generating vast civilian death including hundreds of children. I am glad to see Ed Miliband demonstrating strength and leadership in opposing it. The refusal of Likud to negotiate and its ongoing siege are also ruinous for peace in the region. We must do whatever we can to stop this continuing.

At the same time a wave of vile anti-Semitic attacks has been generated across Europe as ordinary people are targeted in retaliation. This is racist and inexcusable. Every effort must be made to ensure that Jewish people in Brent feel safe – anger at Israel’s behaviour offers no excuse for racism at home, or anywhere else.


Cllr Tom Miller
Willesden Green Ward