Monthly Archives: August 2015

The library opens at Willesden Green

I have written on this issue at some length on the blog, and I’m very happy that the new library has opened its doors. We had a very busy first day, and there is very obviously considerable enthusiasm. 

The superiority of the new building is quite striking, and again I am proud that we have managed to find a way of financing this other than levying extra charges and taxes on residents. By working in partnership with business and being smart about what we do locally, we can still help our residents get access to high quality services, even in the face of huge Tory austerity cuts to our local budgets. We must fight the cuts politically as a Labour Party and alongside unions and campaign groups – but if we are to act responsibly we must also provide whatever innovations and efficiencies we possibly can. I wish  more people would accept the need to do both.

You can find out all the detail about what is in the new building here.