How to dispose of your Christmas tree (and other Christmas leftovers)

Christmas Tree Recycling
From 9 to 15 January 2017, residents will be able to recycle their real Christmas trees at one of 21 drop off points in parks or open spaces across the borough. A full list of sites can be found here.

Posters will be placed at each location to assist residents in dropping their trees at the correct place and to ensure that other park users are not affected. Veolia will collect all trees from the parks from the 16 January 22 January.

In addition, residents are able to take their Christmas tree to the Reuse and Recycling Centre, Abbey Road, London NW10 7TJ for free, or use their garden waste bin, if they are signed up to the service. Trees must be cut into manageable pieces and placed inside the garden waste bin; not left next to the bin.

Garden waste renewal
From the 3rd January, residents will be able to sign up and renew their garden waste service for the 2017/18 collection year which starts on the 1st April 2017. The cost of the service for 2017/18 remains at £40. The easiest way to sign up is to visit and reminder e-mails will also be sent to existing subscribers from January.

Recycling and Waste Collections
There is very little change to the collection of recycling and waste collections over Christmas and the New Year. There will be no collections on Monday 26th December; however collections will take place one day later for all residents for that week. If a collection is due on Monday 26th, it will take place instead on Tuesday 27th. If a collection is due on Friday 30th, it will take place on Saturday 31st. Collections revert to their correct day from the 2nd January. Residents who do not have a copy of their collection calendar are able to find their collection day by using the ‘Find Your Collection Day’ search facility at

Food waste
There isnt much changed about this, the one reminder for residents is that it’s a bad idea to tip fat down the drain! This can cause expensive damage to pipes, and could leave you with a pretty unpleasant cleaning job. It’s best to let fats harden and remove them as normal food waste.

Recyclopedia App
And finally, if residents are unsure about what items they can recycle or which bin to use for their food waste over the festive period, they can use the Recycleopedia search facility; available at:

We also have a guidance video on how to use the app on

Happy recycling, and for those of you celebrating it – Merry Christmas.

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