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Clean Willesden Green

Congratulations to Willesden Green town team today on an excellent community cleanup event on Walm Lane.

There must have been a good 30 people or more. Armed with brushes and water helpfully provided by the local fire brigade, they descended like an army on the road to take on the enemy: grime on our main road.

We also got some excellent community support from Transport for London and Veolia, both of whom sent some volunteers. Shopkeepers were also very much part of the deal, helping to finance the event. Members of three of the political parties active locally also worked together in tandem, including me and my Labour colleague Cllr Lesley Jones.

This is a textbook case of what we need to do: get all the parts of the local community, including service providers, working together for the common good. I would be really keen on expanding events like this, and I think there will be some demand for it from local residents and businesses.

The Council obviously has a duty to keep our streets clean, but the community can add a massive amount to this, so it is great to see everyone involved in making it happen.

Well done to Deborah Mahs and the rest of the Town Team for bringing us all together.

I also had a good chat with representatives from Veolia on some of the community education work they are going to be doing locally. Getting residents disposing of their waste properly and reporting dumping is just as key to cleaning the area up as the Council street cleansing and the expansion of weekly recycling. With three Councillors only able to do some of the work, it’s very clear that active residents and community spirit are key to making Willesden Green a better place to live.